Poems By Roy Fuller 
  Roy Fuller, Poet     "Dust In The Wind" by Roy Fuller


                       As children we fantasize, pretend and grow

                       And then as adults we just drift with the flow,

                       One day we awake to find we've grown old

                       The whole of our story been completely told

                       Our hearts become saddened when reality set in

                       Cos all our endeavors were just dust in the wind


                       Some become famous, rich and bold

                       Others just sat and watched their lives unfold

                       A few became doctors and lone astronauts

                       But so many contributed not a lot

                       Most will desire to start over again

                       But it would still just be dust in the wind


                       Ones' work may live on, long after they're gone

                       Just like the words to popular songs

                       But great buildings will crumble

                       And man's effort will stumble

                        Take heed my friend

                        Everything's just dust in the wind


                   (c) Copyrighted 2005 by Roy Fuller, All Rights Reserved